Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Open during the Blackout

Our blogs will remain open during the blogger blackout. While we understand the reason behind the blackout, we have chosen not to take part in it. The reason being, we work for, know, and LOVE thousands of authors that wouldn’t even think of harming a reviewer.
Nevermore Press has specifically stated that they in no way condone the lengths “the author that shall remain nameless,” went to in order to get her point across. If she were an author of Nevermore Press, she would be served with a canceled contract.
But the main cause of the blackout is for the Bloggers to stand up for themselves. Which we understand. But that being said Nevermore Publicity will not hurt, ignore, or not share the authors we love.

If you need help with promo please feel free to contact us. We’re offering a 10% blackout discount for all Authors and Publishing companies who are affected by this.

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